How to Remove Holi Colors Safely - Denver Body Wash

Written by Saurabh Gupta


Posted on July 20 2022

Taking care of skin is an essential part of living a happy life. But every, year millions come across the same question on how to get fresh skin post-Holi. The grand festival of colors makes the life of the entire subcontinent difficult. Therefore, we bring you easy ways which will help you to get healthy skin this Holi.

There are plenty of ways to take care of your skin. You can adapt different methods, at your convenience, and finalize what works best for you. For example, best body washes are great to clean up after a prolonged period of sweating and dirt. You will be glad to know that when it comes to body washes, there is something out there for every skin type that works the best.

However, to pick your perfect match, you must understand the formula, features, and tendencies of the body wash to get the best result.

Here we have different types of the best body wash for men that you might consider for your skin during this Holi period to get the best skin-

1.  Best body wash that detoxifies skin

When you talk about detoxifying the skin, it means protecting your skin externally. Charcoal is widely acclimated as the best element to detox your skin and thus making it toxins-free. For best results, feel free to use Denver body wash, one of the best body wash, with activated charcoal for deep cleansing, leaving a long-lasting freshness to your skin. Use after a rough day like during Holi to remove harmful toxins from the skin and make it fresh.

2.  Body washes for healthy skin

Holi means colors and a lot of fun. Colors come with skin conditions and problems. Fortunately, different body washes can address this niche too. For example, if you are

For someone with dry skin, you can simply exfoliate dry skin and hydrate your parched self with a nutritious body wash and a sponge or loofah. Use only the best body wash for men from Denver to get the best effects.

Tips and Tricks for a Holi with Healthy skin

  • Use coconut oil on the skin before applying face/best body wash for men which makes removing skin color easy.
  • You can use a paste of wheat flour with any carrier oil and apply it to the face.

Leave it for a few minutes before removing it. This makes removing colors stuck on the face easily.

  • Multani mitti treatment is also very effective. It will help dry off the color. Eventually, remove it after rinsing.
  • If colors give you itchiness, apply a combination of glycerine and rosewater.
  • Add castor or olive oil to hair before Holi to keep it safe from harmful chemicals in colors.
  • Do not shampoo your hair immediately after Holi. Apply egg yolk or curd for at least 45 minutes which will make it softer and silkier after washing.

Tips and Tricks to remove Holi color from Nails

  • Soak your nails in cold water to get rid of brittle and dull nails.
  • Many come across the problem of nails becoming yellow after Holi. To get rid of the yellowish tone from nails soak them in lemon juice for 10 minutes.
  • Apply a coat of dark nail polish before playing Holi. This will stop colors from affecting your nail and save them.

Last but not least, enjoy the festival of colors and hope you have a very Happy Holi.